When to worry in case of Side Effects of Citalopram

It is crucial that you are very attentive in observing the side effects not only in a short period of time but also when you have taken the medicine for a while without experiencing no side effects for that period. Side effects of Citalopram can happen when you just begin to take it or even after months.  Do not be afraid or embarrass to ask the doctor for the side effects or any other question you may have regarding the drug.

Citalopram should not be interrupted suddenly. Before you decide to stop taking it you should discuss it with your doctor. He will help you interrupt it slowly. Even though Citalopram does not cause habit is not advisable to stop it immediately because it is possible that the side effects may get worse or bigger. While the interruption step by step, with your doctor’s help, will decrease the probability of arising side effects.

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  • 1 Macy Mettille Says:

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  • 2 denis Says:

    that they think this could be the anxiety. but even after i staterd taking the celexa, it still happens and i think perhaps even more frequently. i think, that sence one of the common side effects of celexa in youth and young adults is an episode of increased anxiety, that this may be causing me to become more anxious and therefore sending my heart offbeat more than normal. i know that all this passes because for the past 2 days, i have been realy happy and that was how i was before the whole episode staterd because i have old videos of me and stuff. Another thing is, does celexa cause ocd? i was taking a math test a couple of days ago, and i realized that i spend about 7 minutes erasing and rewriting the letter d because i could not get it perfectly. i realized that this ocd type thing staterd after i staterd celexa. oh yeah, i have 2 sisters and a mom and a dad, both my mom and oldest sister suffer from anxiety and my mom takes celexa 80mg i think, but my sister takes a different kind. my dad has OPHD or somthing like that after 911 (he is a NYC firefighter) and he takes somthing different to. my mom said that i would probobly experience worse anxiety, possible OCD, and depression. i have DEFFINATLY noticed the depression. it does effect me from time to time. i occasionaly tell my friends that i have a doctors appointment so i can stay inside. and once i go inside, i realize i have nothing to do! the OCD part is noticable as well. but it does not effect me very badly. as for the possibility in increased anxiety, that has happend a miniscule amount i think. i feel very calm and normal from time to time. i eat normaly, i sleep normaly, and i act normaly. which is a good change because ever sence i was 12, i could not realy fall asleep because my mind would race constantly. ever sence then, i have watched movies or listend to music on my ipod untill i feel tired enough to fall asleep. this would keep my mind from racing, and thinkging about having anxiety attakcs which then would trigger them. and ever sence i staterd the ridilin, me, and everyone who knows me has noticed a sirius decrease in appetite while i take it. over the summer, i did some experiments like not taking my ADD medication for a week, and after 2 days of not taking it, i was able to eat perfectly normal. i do make myself eat when i take the ADD medication and therefore have not lost much weight. i just wanted to know if anyone else experiences the loss of interest, rare suicidal thaughts, OCD, offbeat heart, minor increase in anxiety, and small anger problems. by small i mean small enought to hold in and not show. no hyperventilating, no rude remarks, no nothing. i just feel mad.all of these pass from time to time. but more than not, i feel strange, lost, unimpressed. all of those things. the past two days have been great though, i had fun, i was not depressed, anxious, suicidal, OCD’ing (if thats even a word) my friends say that they dont realy notice when im depressed because i still make alot of jokes which they find normal because i always am the jokester. is anyone else experiencing this? if so, when will it go away? thanks for anyone who can help. im realy bord right now and dont feel like doing anything or hanging out. thanks for your support whoever answers. PS: im still 14 and have 11 more months untill my birthday. and sorry for making this question so long. just needed to pack all this into one big q

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